Thursday, 31 March 2011

My Garden Shelf

Living in a very small one bedroom apartment, not to mention living on the second floor, I have little room for my "garden". Actually, I only have one good window that gets sun so I am limited to one table top. Here are a few photos of my favorite plants that I am managing to keep alive: my mini roses and my newest member which was a gift from a friend.
I am wondering if my roses have out-grown its pot already... But I just transplanted them only a few months ago. Here is my Piggy Bank that I just love so much. I'm not sure where I got her, but I've had her with me for most of my life. I keep her up with my plants.

Spring Decorating

Here are my spring themed salt and pepper shakers: two little cicks sitting in what seems to be an egg basket. My mom won them as a prize from some tournament (curling or golf... I can't remember) and gave them to me last year. They look great beside my yellow napkins!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Knitted Scarf

This is the scarf I finished knitting last weekend. This was the first scarf I have ever completed! It took me a few weeks to do. I used 6.5 mm bamboo needles, but I couldn't tell ya what kind of yarn I used because I threw out the packaging - sorry! You'll notice it looks pretty long, but thats the way I like it so I can wrap it around my neck a few times. It's so soft!

Day 1

Hello everyone! Today is my first day with my blog and I am very excited! I hope to share my projects on improving my home, find cool ideas and learn a whole lot!